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My Favourite Wanderlust Travel Vloggers

Flying The Nest Favourite Travel Vloggers
Thanks to today's day and age of digital media, travel is more available to us than ever before. Hundreds of influencers turn on the camera everyday to capture their adventures around the world before sharing it with an unknown audience sitting at home. In return, us viewers feel more fulfilled in our ambition to see the world. 'It's not just me who wants to book a one way ticket and escape,' we think as a result of these exquisitely packaged videos. Our travel plans become more solidified, more validated and more attainable - And here are those wanderlusters who awaken that realisation in me. (Picture above from Flying The Nest)

Flying The Nest
Flying The Nest Favourite Travel Vloggers

I was doing research for an upcoming Trek America trip more than a year ago when I stumbled on these two cuties. Jess Valentine and Stephen Parry operate under their endearing travel brand, Flying The Nest. And watching them from their Alaskan trek vlogs to their recent exploration of their own backyard Australia, I have fallen in love. These two started on a one year trip across the globe in February 2015 and haven't looked back in terms of their travel endeavours. They make the perfect tag team for their high and lows. Their vlogs are fun, honest, quirky - and for an engaged couple, not as PDA possessed as one might think. This single girl thanks you! 

Fun For Louis
Fun For Louis Favourite Travel Vloggers

This one heck of an adrenaline junkie originates from my own back yard - the borders of UK's Surrey and London. It's such an incredible thing to witness a man who has racked up such a cult following and been numerously touted as the 'King Of Travel', living his dream in an action-packed, awe-inspiring and educational way. No opportunity goes unmissed from him. The sense of wanderlust from his vlogs is strong and I'm always left wondering if he ever sleeps! Always chirpy, loving life and respectful of other cultures, he certainly lives by his motto - Live the Adventure. So dedicated he is to travel, that he even made the brave and risky journey into North Korea last year! 

In The Frow
In The Frow Favourite Travel Vloggers

Everyone's favourite fashion girl who's worn everything from purple hair, grey hair, high street and designer. But she ends up being a doubly whammy in the world of social media stars in terms of her envy-inducing travel vlogs. Constantly jet-setting across the world - from personal holidays to trips with brands - Victoria has a certain skill in leaving her viewers lusting for more. And I've met her a few times before and you can take my word for it when I say, she's a girls' girl. Charming, sweet, beautiful and genuinely interested in the people and world around her. In today's ever-changing world, she's a power woman who's always giving off the message that you can have it all too if you work hard enough. Oh, and she certainly does it in style!

Hey Nadine 
Hey Nadine Favourite Travel Vloggers

A captivating concoction of femininity and tomboy touches. Nadine Sykora is the girl that can doll up the nines with you during a night out in New York and go camping for days on end in the Australian outback with no drama and fuss. This is what I hope to be as a traveller hoping to explore the world more - the best of both worlds! The other thing that I love about her is that she gets to the point. There's no umming or ahhing. Her tips, tricks and advice videos are well-researched, a honest result of her experiences and clearly formulated to make your life easier. She has a firm and clear voice that leaves you confident in her advice. A well built brand and a well-deserved one

Sabrina Chakici
Sabrina Chakici Flying The Nest Favourite Travel Vloggers

This beauty is more of a fresher face on the travel vlogging scene. She has a sensational blog Clutch and Carry On and has recently made the transference to our YouTube screens with her recent Australian road-trip. I actually became familiar with Sabrina when she won E!'s UK and Ireland host competition in 2015 (a contest I too unsuccessfully entered) and you can tell her TV ready delivery lends her the perfect helping hand with her entry into the online YouTube market. Watch this space on this rising star!

Lindsay McCormick 
Lindsay McCormick Favourite Travel Vloggers
Another fresh face in the world of travel vlogging. For me, Lindsay is kind of like the female version of Fun For Louis. I found her through her impressive 'How To Travel The World on $30 a Day' series, where she used her previous film-making skills to craft very compact, yet jam-packed videos on her worldwide travel adventures. What's special about Lindsay's travels is that she's a keen advocate on steering off the beaten track and going places where few tourists would go. She comes across as intelligent, unafraid and possesses impressive street smarts that haven't failed in getting her through dodgy situations in the past. Plus, her storytelling and narrative ability is next to none! If you're new on the travel vlogging scene, I highly suggest Lindsay's highly addictive series to get your appetite whet. 

Em Sheldon
Em Sheldon Favourite Travel Vloggers

Em is a sweetheart. And loves to travel. It's so easy to tell that when you look at all of her social media accounts. And the reason why I enjoy her travel content so much is that she is unapologetically humble in her worldly pursuits. She captures what is actually there and doesn't rely on fancy camera tricks, filters and anything else that would give her editing a leg up. And in a way I find her the most relatable. She's still trying to navigate her way through life as a twenty-something, who isn't going to settle for anything less than her dream life of jet-setting across the globe.

Raya Was Here
Raya Was Here Favourite Travel Vloggers

Raya is my list's resident boho gal. She lives in maxi dresses, skirts, flowy tops. And in terms of her travel videos, her relationship with Louis Cole (Fun For Louis) may have given her profile a boost, but as a standalone YouTuber her content is just a strong. For Raya, you can certainly sense that she's seeking something greater out there. Flying to different places around the world isn't for the sake of another trip that looks 'cool'. She taking her time, soaking it all in and making herself a better person from it all. And I commend her for that. When you're travelling you're always bombarded with so many variables, that sometimes you never truly have the time to 100% take in what you're witnessing. 



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