Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Being 'Too Sexy' - Take a Stand Against Pakistani Honour Killings

Qandeel Baloch Pakistani Honour Killing
There are well over a thousand cases of honour killings each year in Pakistan, with a further 4000 cased reported worldwide annually. As of now, I'm going to discuss one high-profile example, however the overall consensus behind my opinion applies to the whole spectrum of this villainous debacle. 

A Pakistani social media sensation was killed this summer by the one person who was meant to protect her. Her brother. Qandeel Baloch's supposed crime? Being 'too sexy'. An outrageously poor excuse for something that should be so trivial. 

And while many were rightly shocked over the murder, there were a few Pakistanis who praised the cold-blooded act over social media as something she had coming. Really? You're going to defend the worst sin humanly possibly as 'didn't like her anyways'?
Qandeel Baloch Pakistani Honour Killing
It saddens me that a woman's purest form, which cultivates the next generation, is offensive to the point that people feel the need to kill if revealed. And while the defending - and hugely delusional argument - is based on the family's 'honour', I can't imagine anything in such stark contrast to that supposed ideology than spending the rest of your life in prison. Wow, what glory. Not.

To be honest, along with the notion of 'freedom', the sub-outlet of 'sexual freedom' is well, even more freeing. Even more sought after... because essentially who are we without our sexuality? The way we move, talk, walk and interact is dependent on this facet of our personality - no matter how subtle or excessive.

I personally believe these views of sexuality being malicious stems from the male ego. In these parts of the world, you may be the breadwinner, but you are not the be all and end all. You want to be obeyed and live in evil democracy? How about living in equality where everyone is content and your woman, your sister, your mum, niece, daughter is fearless, strong and independent? How about that for a change? 
Qandeel Baloch Pakistani Honour Killing
In Qandeel's case, given her high profile, her injustice was chronicled in media outlets across the world and got people talking. And as a Pakistani woman raised in the Western world, it saddens me that under different circumstances, I could have feared for my safety too. Needless to say I'm thankful that I have the ability to go out there and pursue my potential on all levels. It took some standing up to naysayers, but marriage isn't something I view as a religious necessity. For me, it's more like a unique bond. And I'm coming to terms that it may not happen for me. 

I’ve also visited Pakistan a number of times growing up, and quite honestly the people that I've encountered ooze with warmth, compassion and as much ambition in their eyes as me. However, the old-school culture will never wither. And honestly, there's so much beauty in age old tradition - yet it needs to be adapted, not abused.
Qandeel Baloch Pakistani Honour Killing



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