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Things I've Learnt Since The Five Years I Graduated

Things I've Learnt Since The Five Years I Graduated
I recently attended my little brother's graduation in Birmingham and came to the stark realisation that it's been five years since I walked across the stage myself. And to be honest, I haven't really thought about that day since. I was just so glad to be done with 'education'. And while I enjoyed my time at university for skyrocketing my social development, looking back now, I understand that the person I am today is because of the years that followed. There have been a lot of trying times as well as the positive that I didn't get the resources to deal with by sitting blurry eyed at an early morning lecture. What I have learnt since throwing my graduation cap in the air are...
'There’s something really cool about knowing that your destiny is SO big that you’re not meant to share it with anyone. At least not yet.'-  Mandy Hale

The Search For Happiness Is Ongoing
I've done plenty of soul-destroying jobs in the past. Working as an admin assistant for a demolition company, being subjected to backhanded racist comments as a starry eyed intern and selling photo deals to new mums. But in between I've persevered and gotten to do some really cool things. But while I'm doing it, I have that lingering feeling in the back of my mind of what I want to achieve next. The satisfaction is never there. In a way, it's pushed me. And while others have become complacent, I'm seeking something bigger out there. 
Things I've Learnt Since The Five Years I Graduated

It's Okay To Take A Break
There are many individuals living an enviously creative lifestyle that throws something different at them everyday. But there's also a lot of people who do the 9-5 hustle. And whenever I'm chained to a desk months at a time, I feel like I lose it. I've had large moments in between where I've struggled to find a job. And being at home, deathly afraid of being left behind in the career world, a part of me has welcomed the bliss of not obeying someone's orders. 
Things I've Learnt Since The Five Years I Graduated
Things I've Learnt Since The Five Years I Graduated

Dealing With Unresolved Issues
I feel like I'm living my teenage years now. At my happiest, I'm dancing on the rooftops. And at my lowest, such pure rage and sadness engulfs me that I scare even myself. Life is never smooth. Personal blows are hard to bounce back off. And sometimes you just need to let loose. Time also plays a part in the healing process. Trust the light at the end of the tunnel
Things I've Learnt Since The Five Years I Graduated

Not Letting The Pressures Of Society Get To You
There are girls at my workplace who have nabbed the same job as me straight out of university. I'm 26. I know, definitely not ancient. But when you compare yourself to those outrageously smart, talented and even lucky people, there will be personal pit-falls. Of-course, there are also those who are getting engaged. Me? Erm not so much. I can't even entertain that idea, let alone find someone who'd want to entertain that idea with me. There are so many expectations of society, that the totally normal process of doing your own thing and being a total badass while doing so, gets concerning eyes from elders, peers and even yourself. One thing I can say to you (and me as well) - You do you honey! 
Things I've Learnt Since The Five Years I Graduated

 My Time Will Come 
I guess this relates to my first point. But despite all my personal setbacks which I sometimes unknowingly inflict on myself, I know there is a bigger picture for me. I am destined for something better. And while I'm not quite sure that is yet, I know that I haven't come across it yet and when I do- it'll be so obvious.
Things I've Learnt Since The Five Years I Graduated



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