Tuesday, 26 April 2016

8 Ways To Stay Fit & Healthy At Work

 Sitting in front of a computer for around 8 hours a day isn't an ideal way to take care of your body. But work of-course, has to be done. However, I've fallen victim many times in the past- for not taking the extra precautions required to give my body and well-being somewhat of a chance when it comes to feeling good during work hours. Sometimes, it's so much easier to eat at your lunch at your desk, sit around during your break etc...And I'm so over it. Surrendering to absolutely no movement is now getting exhausting. And I know making changes won't necessarily have me jumping from the walls but they're small steps that allow me to have that extra bit of motivation and desire to workout whenever I do have a chance. Here are 8 things I'm trying to incorporate in to my life to stay healthy and happy at work. 'A healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul; a sick body is a prison'- Francis Bacon

Hop Off One Stop Before
And walk it. It's a good 20 minutes exercise for me.

Walk Up Stairs
Those elevators are evil. Especially if you only need to go one or two floors up. 

Breakfast Fuel
I struggle with this one. I get to work by 7.45am and have to have brekkie at my desk. The struggle to find something convenient and healthy is still a big thing for me.

Quench Your Thirst
Drink tonnes of water. Who cares if you need the bathroom all the time. I used to work as a receptionist where I had to ask for a cover to go to the loo- so so annoying. Now I drink till my heart's content and go whenever I please. And my skin thanks me for it. 

Talking About Toilets
Try to go to the one furthest away from you. Get your extra steps in.

Don't fall to the preys of your slouchy computer posture. Unravel yourself whenever you can.

Snack it
So you don't binge eat at lunch! I know some people can contain themselves but I'm one of those who constantly craves and thinks about food. 

Gym? Classes? Nearby Park? Use it
Utilise your lunchtime. I would love to have the self-made speediness to enjoy a fitness class on my lunch hour but at the moment I love a good ol' stroll!



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