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5 Honest Things You Need To Know Whilst Travelling With A Tour Group

Travelling with a tour group is a fantastic way to travel...especially for first-timers. You still have that incredible independence, yet you aren't left on your own accord. And of-course, it just sounds like the dream- meeting new people as your explore a country. That's what being young and fun is all about, right? And that is most definitely the case! However, as someone who set off with a group of strangers for three weeks on a Trek America tour group- there are certain things you should know before you head out on the trip of your dreams. After all, being with other people means being more mindful. So of-course, I've listed the five most important and honest things you should know. After reading this- all you need to do is put a smile on your face, have fun & make memories!- 'A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.' - Tim Cahill

Be open to who you'll meet...
You never know who you'll meet. From the weird and wacky to the shy and reserved. All sorts have set out to see the world and have opted for making life memories with a group of strangers. There was one particular Korean girl on our tour who was incredibly shy, a few years older than the rest of us and hardly understood English. Whilst others got annoyed with her, I was patient. Two weeks in, she came up to me and attempted to tell me about her life back home. It was so worth it! 

It's okay to have your own space...
You will spend a lot of your time with your group. Truth be told, being on the road for three weeks- I don't think I could have hacked a longer trip. Which is a shame as I wanted to spend more time seeing America. At the beginning it's all hunky dory- everyone's excited. But then every little thing someone begins to do, grates on you. And you feel like you can't escape. You share a hotel room with them, long car rides with them and a lot of activities. But be aware that if you want some time for yourself to keep your sanity- that is completely fine too! If you feel there is a certain activity you don't want to be a part of- fair enough. Do your own thing. I still remember the one day I had in Washington, D.C to myself. It was bliss. 

Try not to distance yourself from the group either...
It's all about keeping balance. Whilst you need moments to yourself, try not to be too much of a no-show. There was a guy on my tour who was a nightmare. He had been travelling for well over a year and the US trip was his last thing before he went back home to Wales. And his tiredness was alarmingly obvious. Other than flying over the Grand Canyon, I don't think he joined us in one single activity. Even right at the beginning when we had our first group meeting where we were begin told vital tour information, he was a no-show. It was crazy to me, that he had paid huge sums of money to enjoy America with us and he wasn't. Don't be that person.

Do your part...
It's also important to know that for a few weeks of your life you are technically living with these people. They are your room-mates. And whilst it may not seem like it much if you're crashing it hotels each night- if you're camping it's a whole different story. You need to cook, wash up, clean your surroundings etc. Nope, it isn't fun- but to avoid being on everyone's blacklist- do it. It'll make the rest of your trip a whole lot easier.

Engage in someone else's memories. They are there for the same experience as you...
There was one girl on my tour in particular who was obsessed with another guy in our group. She would literally base her life around him for those three weeks- which is a shame as I think she missed some incredible bonding opportunities with the rest of us. It all became a bit too much as I celebrated my birthday whilst on the tour- and she opted to blank me all day on my special day and spent the night with her obsession in a casino. The next day, she said 'HI' enthusiastically and it was too late.Try to be as authentic as possible in your positivity towards the country you're exploring and the people you're doing it with. Whenever there's a chance to celebrate and build a memory- do it. The memory doesn't necessarily have to be for you. It's nuts to think that your group has come together from all walks of life to share this major long-lasting documentation. You've all been brought together for a reason. Try to be everyone's friend. Don't give someone a reason to not root for you.



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