Monday, 28 March 2016

Magical Rainy Chocolatey Easter Weekend In London

'I think London’s sexy because it’s so full of eccentrics.'- Rachel Weisz
I personally give London a bad name. The dreary drizzle, the ashen skies, the ceaseless grim hustle. There has never been a more frenzied feeling in my life where I have desired to take up residence in a Pinterest worthy unclouded existence. And I will. Soon. For the meantime, I need to force my naturally pessimistic views to seek positivity amongst London's labyrinths. The intertwining of streets are ablaze with people- tourists who're fulfilling a wanderlust I can't relate to, a gaggle of friends escaping the outer suburbs of the bustling town to discuss their nuisances, workers to and from work, frustratingly pushing people out of their way so they can get home and put up their feet.

Amongst all the chaos is the gem of Carnaby Street and it's adjacent walkways of rapture. The times I have visited, I haven't felt like I'm in the capital city of the United Kingdom- nor does it remind me of any other country across the globe. I feel enchanted. I feel spiritual. I feel like Alice in Wonderland and perhaps on this weekend's occasion, I felt like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. The perfect setting for Easter weekend indulgence. Celebrating a friend's baby shower, we ate our body weight in mouthwatering sugar-based creations at the famed Choccywoccydoodah Cafe. Heaven. Walking the streets before and after, I marvelled at the contrasting forms my personality took on. I may give London a bad name. But I do love it. It birthed me, fed me, took me back after two years in the Middle East and still gives me a place to stay. But would I still move to that Pinterest dream I have in my head? Yes, I'm still going.



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