Monday, 21 March 2016

16 Steps To Taking The Perfect Selfie

'Taking selfies is the purpose of life'- Kim Kardashian 
Taking a picture of yourself and putting it up social media is all the rage. I mean YOU get to chose which picture you look best in, YOU get to decide what angle, YOU get to decide the lighting in relation to your skin tone, YOU get to decide what persona you want to portray & YOU get to decide what filter will raise those bitches game. However, we all know these picture taking elements don't come together in one easy instalment. There are a whole plethora of steps you need to take in order to ensure that people feel compelled enough to 'like' that picture you took. Here is the guide (and all the hard work) to take the perfect selfie. 

1. Sitting all day on your lazy butt, you really feel the need to do something productive.
You ponder many of your 'to-do' list components, but ultimately think it's time for a new selfie

2. Getting out all of your make-up kit is exciting
The items that will beautify me...

3. One, two, three- BEGIN
Slap that baby on! 

4. That eye-shadow blending ain't looking too need extra help
Time to watch some make-up tutorials

5. Re-do makeup

6. Something isn't quite don't feel as pretty in this stage of the game as you should...
lmao america ferrera ugly betty normal girl cant wait to use it as a reply to an anon

7. It must be the outfit. Time to change! 

8. WTF, I'm actually taking a selfie. Get back in those PJS...might as well be comfy. Ain't no one gonna the rest of me. If so, I'll Photoshop those rolls out

9. OH MY FUCK...just nailed that winged eyeliner!! *Celebrations*

10.Finding the perfect location for good lighting is a headache in itself

11. Okay found a potential spot...let's test the lighting

12. Eurgh forgot that hair is a component in this quest for facial perfection. Slick back those baby strays

13. There's of course that standard fear that someone is watching you

14. Oh that looks too happy and cutesy...try sexy like those Protein World models

15. You know what? This would look much better in a sexy top

16. *Naiiiiiiiiilllleeeeeeeed it*



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