Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Instagram Files: Interview with DeathCandy

'Burn the Witch'- Deathcandy (100K Instagram Followers)
Instagram stars are everywhere. Quick thinking individuals who understand the process of marketing themselves. They mould themselves into on-line mega brands, niche trend setters and social media #goals. In doing so they have amassed themselves a huge following- individuals lurking around for their next picture, their next quote and the next trend they'll be selling in the digital market. One of my favourite such Instagrammers is Maria from the account 'Deathcandy'. Anybody who loves the ghoulishly fearless trends of their deepest darkest alter-egos can rejoice. Maria creates the perfect haven for those who feel the need to celebrate Halloween all year around. She dons both cult and up-coming brands, endorses relevant lifestyle inspiration and is more than willing to interact with her followers. So who really is 'Deathcandy'? I had a chance to have a little chat with her. Here are her creepily curated responses...

Can you tell me a little bit about where you are based & what you currently do?

I'm a born and raised Athenian, hailing from Greece. I majored in Psychology and have been on off working as a shrink the couple of past years. But fashion and music culture has always been my downtime hobby. Style plays a major part in everything I do!

You have incredible sense of style. Where do your source your inspiration from?

Why, thank you kindly:) Mostly copying old 80's and 90's flicks,and all my favorite Seattle bands... My inspiration has always been music,books and films.Generation X and Road movies.

Who's sense of style do you adore?

Marilyn Manson and that's about it!

How important is it for people to dress for themselves rather than follow what's on 'trend'?

I'm not so sure either of us can claim originality..we all follow trends and what's hot each time.

What are your favourite clothing brands?

Killstar, Disturbia, Restyle & House of Widow

Biggest style no-no?

Dreads. I hate dreads!

When did you realise Instagram was the best platform for you to convey your style?

One or two years after I first made my profile...

Do brands contact you regularly to work with them or do you pursue opportunities yourself?

At first it was more about the latter, but now the former mostly happens. I'm a professional in what I do so it's a client affair most of the times.

What are your future career goals?

World domination and my own clothing line!

What motto do you live your life by?

Fuck now, suffer later ;)

You can follow Deathcandy on Instagram here!


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