Thursday, 12 November 2015

Blogosphere Magazine x Samantha Maria Issue 7 Launch Party‏

'I can't believe how surreal it feels to be the face of a magazine, I feel overwhelmingly thankful for the support of my readers and viewers, as without you all it wouldn't be possible.'- Samantha Maria
It seems odd that in today's day and age of digital success, I would be championing a print magazine. Enter Blogosphere Magazine- a high quality print magazine written by bloggers for those foraying or showing an interest in the world of social media which culminated last night in a stunning Issue 7 Launch Party at Motel Studios, Hoxton. Sure, many would be hesitant to spend money on information they could very easily find on the internet, but Blogosphere holds an element of substance that goes further than the 'read & bin it' culture of traditional magazines. Reading it, I am informed, my interests are held 100% and my blogging opportunities seem heightened with what I have read. Needless to say, this magazine will be a coffee table fixture, holding the notion of a 'collectors item'. 

Even Samantha Maria a.k.a The Beauty Crush has been fixated with this magazine. She spoke extensively in her blog about her joy of being Blogosphere's cover girl. She was also the guest of honour last night and managed to be so incredibly genuine in her conversations, her aura and her interest in other people's work. And I can't say i'm surprised- especially with the recent heated debate over Essena O'Neill and what is portrayed as 'real', Sammi is as real as it gets. It was lovely to see her excitement over the Blogosphere cover which was further heralded by Blogosphere Editor Alice Audley during her speech. 
It was also lovely to catch up with Victoria from InTheFrow. I had met Victoria nearly 2 years ago whilst working as an intern. Days before I had read her blog for the first time where she chronicled her insanely exciting Trek America trip. I was looking for a blogger to talk about her Trek experiences and Victoria's blog was the first thing that popped up. Last night we followed up from our prior conversation of 'definitely go for it' to 'what to expect' as I jet out on my first Trek America trip next month. It's monumental to see how big her blog and brand has grown since last meeting her and i can safely say it hasn't changed her! 
All in all, it was a fantastic and well-organized event with excellent company. Blogosphere Magazine is available to buy through their website and from WHSmith.

Will you be reading Blogophere Magazine?


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