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Interview with Blogger Angela Giakas from The Sunday Chapter

"I want my blog to be a happy place, where people can go to escape"- Angela Giakas

Angela Giakas from The Sunday Chapter 
Bloglovin' is an incredible platform to connect with your favourite blogs and discover new ones. Amongst one of my favourite new discoveries is The Sunday Chapter by the gorgeous Angela Giakas. A beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger with a difference, Angela understands the difficult balance between creating content for her own needs and helping others make it through the day. Whilst her fashion and beauty posts are a hands-down must-view, it's her inspiration lists which are an absolute breath of fresh air. Posts such as 101 Little Things To Be Happy About and 25 Things I Wish I Figured Out Sooner are material that everyone should interpret to their own needs. Angela's writing style is one of a woman writing to inspire herself in the comfort of her bedroom but championing the success of others by sharing it. How many people would give away the secret to their happiness? Frankly, I also need to read more blogs like Angela's as I'm personally drawn to a more darker grungier style of work- But her aura of beauty and light is much welcomed and draws me out of hiding. I love her work so much, that I invited her over for a chat at Spilling The Beans. 

Growing up
I moved around a lot when I was younger, so I was never in one place for too long. I grew up more towards the country side, surrounded by pretty sceneries and open spaces. Despite my love for the city, I’ll always have a soft spot for it.

Ambition as a child 
I wanted to be a singer, or something in the music industry. I took lessons for about 10 years, and I still absolutely love it, but maybe not enough to pursue it.

 Top three role models
I can really only think of my mum here. She is my world and inspires me everyday.

Top 3 beauty items 
My Anastasia eyebrow kit, make-up remover wipes and lip balm.

Favourite book
Is it weird I don’t really have a favourite book? I never used to read much until recently (currently reading Girl Boss, highly recommend!) so I’ll have to keep you updated on that one.

Dream job
This has always been a hard question for me. I guess something that involves beauty, fashion, travel and photography. Does that job exist?

Guilty pleasure
Ooh.. Geordie shore and Teen Mom! I love reality shows. Slightly obsessed, slightly ashamed haha.

Thing I love the most about myself
I have the biggest heart for animals. I'm very passionate against animal cruelty and testing. I used to write petitions when I was younger, and annoy my whole family to sign them haha. I just feel incredibly compassionate towards those who don’t have a voice.

Surprising fact 
When I was about 14-15, I used to blog and I had a following from many successful bloggers today, even Zoella! My following grew quite big and eventually some of my "friends" found it and made fun of me for it. I deleted it (with much regret) because I was embarrassed. Blogging wasn't really a popular thing to do back then, especially in high school when all I was trying to do was fit in. It made me realise that you should never be friends with people who make you feel bad about the things you love. It’s weird to think if my life would be any different today from it. 

Best moment of 2015 so far...
Booking my first trip overseas.

Visiting London
I'll be visiting for the first time in June. I'm SO EXCITED! I wish I was staying for longer though, it's one of the places at the top of my bucket list.

Inspiration behind my blog
I started it when I was in a dark place, and it was one of the only things that kept me happy. I used to only blog about beauty, but since expanded to lifestyle posts. I want it to be a happy place, where people can go to escape if they're having a bad day, need an easy recipe or help with make-up. I love being able to inspire others.

If I weren't blogging, I would be...
I honestly have no idea. Probably TV show marathons... (I wish I was joking).

Inspiration behind the inspiration lists
I've always written lists to deal with stress, things to do, etc. I just thought, why not share them with other people if it might help them as well? Writing lists always helps put things into perspective for me.

Envisioning the further success of The Sunday Chapter
I would love to venture into YouTube eventually and start doing some fashion/outfit posts! I have many exciting things planned :)

Life motto
“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.”

For more information visit The Sunday Chapter

Jabeen Xxx


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