Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My Grunge Mood-Boards

So even though the UK is well known for our quintessential rainy miserable weather, we always have a small slot in the middle of Summer which welcomes a heatwave. A couple of days out of the year which people so desperately want to make full use of with their brigade of floral crop-tops, strappy sandals and general need for a more 'deep friend' tan. Whilst I understand the sun unleashes endorphins of the happy kind, it tends to mess up my inner funk. My Summer endorphins don't lie in New Look's Summer sale, sunbathing in the park or even in slurping ice-cream from my fingers. They lie in the dark side that runs deep in me. I do consider myself a happy person, but I feel centred in alternative ways. 

The following mood-boards depicts my inner needs, wants, obsessions and confessions all year around. 


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