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Bates Motel Season 2 Review

Bates Motel Season 2 Review
Norma and Norman Bates
The cover photo on Bates Motel's Facebook states that the new season will re-open in 2015. Nope. I can't wait that long either. Season 2 just came to a chilling end and I'm so thankful it has been picked up for a third season and I actually enjoy the fact that it doesn't have the elevated success such as Breaking Bad, Games of Thrones etc. It has the quiet quality such as my other favourite show Criminal Minds. I feel that too much hype too soon would influence writers for the 'need' to deliver- But they're doing such a fabulous job, I would hate to see them get side tracked. I literally can't get enough- the fascinating psyche of Norman Bates and his intense relationship with his mother Norma is what compels me to tune in each week. Not to mention the eerie backdrop of White Pine Bay which harbours the glorious haunting Bates' residency.

Bates Motel Season 2 Review
Emma played by Olivia Cooke
Throughout the second season I was surprised to see Nicola Peltz's character dissolve, yet I was glad Max Thieriot was given the opportunity to blossom with his character Dylan. Only in the final episode did I see a heart-warming embrace between him and Norma which was portrayed in exactly the right moment, right way and with the right emotion. Vera Farmiga on the whole has been impeccable- one of my favourite actresses! Her craft is so brilliantly honed, I take an extraordinary amount of inspiration from her. Oh and our Brit boy, star of the show Freddie Highmore! It was like the character of Norman Bates was written for him. Within the realms of TOWIE and Made in Chelsea it's great to see a young British actor who is so talented and quite frankly, needs to win an award. Talking about Brits- Emma! Played by big eyed beauty Olivia Cooke, her original accent just makes me want to chill with her. What a fantastic young actress who's taking this show to mould her career. If she gets killed off, I give up.

In terms of the finale ending, it was literally the most perfect ending ever. Quite simple in its delivery and no cliff-hangers like last season but that cold gaze right down the camera lens by Norman Bates will go down in my history books as one of my favourite on-screen moments ever. Creepy, calculating, evil, stunning.

Bates Motel Season 2 Review


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