Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Naked And Afraid - Current New Obsession

Who wants a bit of education and some epic television rolled into one? If that appeals to you, why not check out Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid? Just one word of warning, bring a lot of snacks because you might end up feeling just a wee bit hungry.

Can you survive in the most remote parts of the world?
Each episode features two survivalists- a man and a woman who are left in the harsh conditions of the wilderness for 21 days. A new location across the world is chosen in each episode. Oh and of-course, they're naked! In the three weeks, the pair must find water and food to survive, build shelter and start a fire to keep the predators away and find their way to the extraction point where they'll be rescued on the final day.

Manu Toigo forever scarred by her experience.

Toughing it out!
Sounds exhausting? Well...it is. The small camera crew (who leave once night falls and the contestants video cams are used) capture their excruciating exhaustion, desperation and sheer determination in goosebump inducing animalistic cinematography. The awkwardness of their nudity is dismissed as soon as the contestants end their initial formalities and straight away you're engulfed in their journey. Prepared to be floored by some of contestant's clever bravery and get frustrated over others' lazied fatigue from the on-set. Some have tapped out of the challenge, unable to conquer nature's harsh reality, whilst one contestant in the nail biting season one finale- admirable Manu Toigo was rewarded for her survival with excruciating Dengue Fever, days after returning home. She now faces months and even years of recovery. Unbelievable.

At the beginning of their challenge, each contestant is measured for their PSR score (Primitive Survival
Rating) based off predictions and observations of survival fitness based on experience, skill and mental strength. Most PSR's have increased at the end of each episode, with only a handful that have dropped- a stark reality that they aren't as able as they thought they were to survive in the jungle. Their physical transformations are remarkable as well with all of them losing huge chunks of their weight! Personally, I would never go on a show like this, but if I was ever stranded in a similar situation in real life, hopefully this show has taught me something!

For more information visit Naked and Afraid.

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