Friday, 6 December 2013

Whatever Happened to Nickelodeon's Taina?

Who like me was in Year 7 and wanted to be a star like Taina? Don't mind me, but I'm totally having a happy flashback listening to the theme song above! Checking back on the series, it's hard to believe that the show lasted for only 2 seasons despite giving Nickelodeon its highest ratings in 3 years! The reasoning behind dropping the show? The show was getting expensive to produce and Nickelodeon execs feared the show only appealed to girls. (How the hell were the ratings so high then?!)

In terms of the shows story-line it featured a young Latina, Taina who dreams of being a singer and actress. She starts attending the Manhattan High School of The Performing Arts along with her best friends Renee and Lamar. The series depicts her struggles in terms of her high school nemesis Maritza and also lets us in on her songwriting and singing abilities. Highlights includes 'aww-ing' over Taina's adorable little brother Santito (a quick Google search shows he has now turned into a strappingly dashing young man) and a guest performance by the Puerto-Rican band MDO. The main actress Christina Vidal is in her early 30s now after making appearances in films such as Freaky Friday and See No Evil. Ahhh memories!

What's your long lost television memory?


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