Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Introducing Krewella - Rising Stars

Jahan Yousaf, Rain Man + Yasmine Yousaf= Krewella
It was when I was flicking through www.stealherstyle.net that I came across two gorgeous faces- sisters, Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf. Musicians in an American electronic dance group 'Krewella', along with their friend who goes by the name of 'Rain Man', a small factor that compelled me to listen to their music was due to their ethnicity. I was intrigued as to how two sisters who grew up half Pakistani and in a Muslim household, forayed successfully into the route of creative endeavours.

Now, I don't talk on behalf of every Muslim's upbringing and personal experiences but I know that I adored drama at school which my teachers encouraged me to progress further, yet not my family. Instead I struggled (and failed) through science lessons trying to kid myself and mostly my parents that I was destined to end up in the medicine field. I was never allowed to go on a sleepover, didn't have my first mobile phone until I was 16 and even if I so much glanced at someone of the opposite sex, you best believe you didn't want to know what happened. A strict upbringing which was coupled with my family holding dearly on to the South Asian perspective of family 'reputation' and 'success'. They didn't know any better, whilst I craved expressing my creativity which I didn't know how to until the age of 18. So how did these two Krewella girls hovering on and around the same age group as me find their expression of freedom at such an early age?

The sisters are redefining Pakistani role models.
The sisters understand my intrigue well and Yasmine cleared that up in an interview earlier on in the year- '10 years ago, our dad would have never approved of what Jahan and I are doing. He's totally Americanized now and he's the coolest dad in the entire world'. A simple foundation which spawned their musical style into house, dub-step and drum 'n' bass dipped significantly in Chicago's heavy metal scene. However, they're adamant that their heavy metal rage only refers to partying and not anger. This is evident with their signature stage diving, which highlights their free spirit and willingness to live in the moment and quite literally, the edge. They grew up listening to Chromeo, Bloc Party and Incubus- EDM acts in their finest. Having their musical roots lined with these inspirations, you can only guarantee Krewella's authenticity. They were real musicians first, learning instruments before transitioning to software and they are influential style icons (after all, I did hear about them on a style blog!). And it's all these factors that have pulled together to ensure Krewella's success in the long term.

Going back to their Pakistani upbringing- endearingly, the sisters aren't shy to address it. They mention how people are usually shocked when they mention where they are from as they don't expect such types of musicians to be from a country that is usually engulfed in negativity. That is true. Even though, I look more 'Pakistani' than Jahan and Yasmine, people expect me to act in a certain way, say certain things and have certain dreams. I don't. Yet, I carry my Pakistani flag with humble pride like the sisters- who are doing a fantastic job in showing the world that there's more to us Pakistani girls than good grades, dreams of becoming a doctor and an arranged marriage.

Let me know what you think of their music!


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