Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Girls Season 3 Review

It's been an epic waiting game, but finally we have a little glimpse of season 3 of GIRLS!!! Stupidly excited. The voice of our generation is back, giving us life advice alongside hitting a few home truths, coupled with a cluster of 'OMG THAT'S SO ME!' moments. Check out the trailer below and don't mind me, but i'm having just a little nit pick at what to expect from this season.

* Marnie transfers her control from ex-boyfriend Charlie (who left the show on not the best of terms) to a grueling fitness regime. Her desperate need to be perfect will inevitably not be so perfect. In one particular scene in the trailer she mentions- 'I am OK. I may not seem OK, and I might not be OK now, but I'm, like, OK.' Inevitably, I think she'll be miserable throughout series 3!

*Jessa seems to be struggling to make friends in light of the following remark- 'Can you believe that my friend told me she died because she didn't want to hang out with me?' Maybe she's not so cool after all? It's good to see her back, I feel like she wasn't featured as much in season 2.

*Shoshanna's still struggling with her sexual tension towards Ray. It seems like there a huge balance problem in her ability to be an independent single woman and needing a man. Just look at that quote in my title...maybe this is the moment she realizes that letting Ray go was a huge mistake? Let's ponder on.

They're baaaackkk!!
*Hannah and Adam are still together after the inevitable 'awww' moment of the season 2 finale. They seem to be spending more quality time together, such as hiking which doesn't seem like it's going down too well. Hey I understand- trying to be 'adventurous' and 'trying something new' requires more effort than it should. On another note, Hannah also manages to get a job! Will it be exactly what she wanted or will she be put in a compromising position by her boss again? Only time will tell!

*Check out a post I wrote about season 1 of Girls almost a year ago at

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