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Breaking Amish Review

Breaking Amish-The cast of season 1
It's not a show that everyone feels the dying need to see but I truly think Breaking Amish on TLC is a must watch! It's especially intriguing for those coming from a religious background like myself. I've just finished watching the second series 'Breaking Amish:LA' which is a spin-off to the first huegly successful series.

To those who aren't familiar with the show, it basically follows a group of young men and women who have decided to leave behind the traditions of their Amish/Mennonite religion to experience life on the other side. Things me and you take for granted, they attempt to become accustomed to. They go from using horses and buggies to riding in cars, using electricity, shopping for clothes, furthering their career aspirations and inevitably deciding whether they want to stay or return to their faith. All these exciting new experiences for them have surprisingly been met with intense drama which is incredibly fascinating to watch.

Season 2- Breaking Amish:LA
The first series based in New York featured love birds Rebecca and Abe, emotional wreck Sabrina, resident bad-boy Jeremiah and wannabe model Kate. They set standards high in terms of drama and turmoil. They even had their own spin-off called 'Breaking Amish: Brave New World' where they continued to pursue their new lives. I always found myself tuning in each week with not much expectation but each time I was shocked at the fighting, the drama and the decisions they made. But I have to admit, that I understand their decisions- no matter how bad they are. This is the time when they were finally free and finding themselves. I, as well as many others out there have done beyond stupid things out of freedom and 'finding ourselves'- And we all continually will. It just so happened that theirs was on screen. The cast of the first season set the bar pretty high and I was hesitant about the new cast heading to Los Angeles- but the same thing happened. I was on the edge of my seat and bowled over by the drama which featured accusations of witchcraft, a secret pregnancy, police questioning and a tainted love triangle.
Kate Stoltzfus from
Season 1 has achieved
a successful modelling
career, with a photo-shoot
in Maxim!

The underlying thing I loved the most about this series is the cinematography. There were moments when the visual effects took me back to a vintage old school film. Shots of open roads, fields and train tracks were just breath-taking. It really gave the impression of a secret life hidden away from the temptations of today. I watch so much reality television that the difference was blatant.

There is of-course the ever-present accusations of 'fakeness' from the audience. Apparently pictures have been found of the cast from years past when they've dressed in English clothes, living it up with friends. I'm not too fussed about these claims. Many teenagers from all sorts of different faiths rebel when they get a chance. Sure they probably experimented with the outside world on occasions before, but it probably consisted of a few parties and outings- Nothing like moving away for a couple of months and completely immersing themselves in a different environment! It does however seem like elements of the show are scripted for obvious reasons, but I still wouldn't call it 'fake'. Nonetheless, I'm hoping for season 3! Maybe Breaking Amish:Miami ?


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