Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Surrey Hills - New Reality TV Show

I live in Cheam, Surrey. However, that mere fact alone does not grant me a lucrative position on 'Surrey Hills'- a new docu-soap, taking inspiration from reality show giants Made in Chelsea and The Only Way is Essex.

The requirements for auditioning for the show include 'moving in celebrity circles' and 'a life full of parties, champagne and sports cars.' These put me out of the running straight away. I don't call a fashion A-lister my best friend, nor am I involved in a grizzly love triangle. Selected applicants who do harbor glamorous reality TV traits have already been uploaded on to YouTube. They are larger than life personalities, gleefully crossing their fingers in hope for their shot at UK's next big reality star, and comments under the video are already declaring their 'shame' at being associated with Surrey- All the makings of a hit reality TV show.

'Surrey Hills' hasn't announced what TV show has commissioned the series and they are pretty tight lip about many other details. However, auditions are still rolling in with an open casting set for 27th July in Weybridge. With over a thousand on-line applicants in their first week alone, this casting session will bring out Surrey's finest. Expect well dressed wannabes rolling up in fast cars, boasting about their professional and personal achievements.

The nation is divided on this matter. Whether you enjoy digging into the glamorous lives of people your own age, or are appalled at the thought of individuals forgoing their lives on television to get their 15 seconds of fame, I'm sure many will tune in once the show premieres to see what the hype is about! Below is just one audition- enjoy :)

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