Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Company Magazine's Guide to Blogging

Company Magazine's blogging forum panel
Company Magazine editor Victoria White, super blogger Susie Bubble, Rhiannon Ashlee from Fashion Rocks My Socks, plus representatives from Oh My Love London, Boohoo and Handpicked Media sat in a concave row at the front of the auditorium. The rest of us bright eyed and eager staring back. Almost like Mr.Miyagi and Daniel-san, but with a fashionista flair. Amongst drinks and friendly natter, we were immersed in the Company Blogging Forum. Company Magazine has been at the forefront of championing bloggers and giving them a chance to excel creatively and succeed in the dog eat dog world of fashion and social media. The guest speaks dug in straight away highlighting all the important factors of blogging which ended with questions from the audience that almost seemed like a casual conversation. Being a blogger for a couple years now, I've learnt crucial factors along the way on a 'trial and error' basis. However, it's great to get validation of these particular blogging skills from a professional panel. The following points are what really stood out-


*Finding a unique niche and angle for your blog will work wonders, from photographic content to style of literature. You don't want your blog to be a carbon copy of another blog.
Me with Susie Bubble!

*Quality if always superior to quantity. This will enable you to hold the interest of an audience so that they'll return to your blog and inevitably grow with you.

*Social networking is of the utmost importance. It's crucial to build and keep a genuine relationship with the brands you work with.

*Linking social networks is vital, so readers know where to find you on all your social media platforms.

*Nothing puts people off more than bad punctuation and grammar. Proofread!

*Always make sure to credit photo sources. You'd prefer not to receive an angry email telling you take an image down.

*Be true to yourself, write about what YOU want to. Don't dwell on the success of others. If you feel passionate about particular things, others out there will too.

*YouTube seems to be a great platform to build your social media 'personality'. I was asked a couple times, if I had my own channel. Of-course, I've been thinking about it for ages and know exactly what kind of videos I would want to make. Just a case of getting started!

I feel like us bloggers are sometimes considered a rare breed of species that our 'normal' friends don't understand, so I felt content in making new friends who were just like me. It also felt good having people staring at me with envy on my way home as I sashayed unapologetically with my Company goody bag :)

Treats in the Company goody bag !


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