Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Shoot for Simon Cowell's 'The You Generation'

the you generationSimon Cowell has done it again. Hungry to find more superstars, which his talent shows are still unable to fulfil him, he has partnered up with Youtube, to provide a platform for hopefuls to share their videos. Named 'The You Generation', there are different themes from 'comedians' to 'girl bands'. Every fortnight one winner from each theme will get a cash prize and become a finalist to win the overall grand prize.

From Friday May 3rd, they will be looking for wannabe stylists. Skype is sponsoring the global auditions and to enter this competition there are 3 main rules-
*You must incorporate 'candy' into your video
*You must 'upcycle' at least one item
*Your video must not be longer than 5 minutes.

To encourage applications they were looking for bloggers/fashion insiders to front the 'stylists' campaign. I sent the director a link to my blog as I was interested in this opportunity and I found out the next day that I was one of the few bloggers chosen! On Monday 29th April, I headed to Kilburn, London for the shoot (A gorgeous house complete with giant fish tanks was rented for the shoot) I was going to be working with Miggy Dela Rosa, who as well as being a stylist's assistant is also a singer/songwriter and part of an incredible band called Urban Voices Collective 

We were given our brief in which we had to interact with each other, as well as talking through our outfits and other clothes we had with us. We had to pretend to present as if we ourselves were auditioning over Skype. As we were doing so, the photographer took still images of us, so we looked natural and relaxed for the campaign (after all this wasn't a shoot for 'models').  Me and Miggy ended up having a ball talking about fashion and most of the time saying random things off the top of our heads. Thank god we weren't actually auditioning! Within half an hour we were done- even though I wanted to carry on! I had a little sneak peak of the pictures and they came out fantastic. I will share them once they come out!

Miggy's fab leather jacket!
Having some fun
Check out the competition on the official Youtube channel.


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