Sunday, 14 April 2013

Discovering Old University Memorabilia

Unveiling a big blue trunk in my attic covered in dust after two long years, paved way to a whole host of memorabilia from years gone past. Carelessly filled with forgotten items at university, has now translated to souvenirs from an important era of my life...

I was presented this on one of my birthday celebrations. You bet I did every option!....Possibly more than twice....or more than that. Way more...

I got my writing start as 'Features Editor' at The University of Portsmouth's 'Pugwash Magazine'

Totally forgot about this! I walked the runway for my university's 'trashion show' featuring recyclable clothing. I was wearing a dress made from bin bags. Thank god, there's no photographic evidence! 

Taken from Sutton High School's career library. I always hoped to go to university in America. I still kind of do. Obviously I didn't get the memo of 'not to be taken away'. Six years later....

Psychology revision notes! Wished I had concentrated on my academics a weeny bit more!

My American summer before university! I took these pictures to uni to remind me of my fabulous times!

Tonnes of Sociology unit handbooks! 

Writing my daily activities and thoughts. Need to get back into that! 


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