Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Trying Out Blue Hairspray!

Having blue hair fuels me with a sense of intrigue and impulse yet also a sense of commitment phobia. I'm no Cher Lloyd or Little Mixer, Jade Thirlwall who's 'blue do' suits the style of the professional persona. I worry that if I go in on a permanent non-traditional hair dye my future prospects may be limited, especially since I'm still in the installation stage of my career. Even a cute bubblegum pink look may be too extreme, let alone grungy rebellion blue.

Satisfying these cravings of subtle blue locks are fulfilled with 'Colour Xtreme Hair Art Spray' (£2.99) This product is perfect for adding a few blue streaks to your hair colour on a casual basis. Step in the shower after, and it washes off with ease. My initial application was a major source of trial and error- I sprayed it into my hair in a dim room and noticed that I couldn't see much, so I sprayed more, and more, and more. However, moving to a more well lit room a couple minutes later, the blue was clearly visible. In fact, it seemed illuminated to the point where I started to panic that I had over done it. But soon I realised the blue offset my ashy black hair well. It looked easy, breezy and no fuss. Nowadays I may not overdo it like my first try, but whenever I'm in an unconventional mood, I'm able to add a few streaks to my hair with ease.

The only downside to the product is that it doesn't last as long as you would like it too. Also, us girls subconsciously touch our hair a lot, and I noticed my fingertips were blue- which wasn't exactly a nice look. It also got me paranoid about my clothing turning blue. So all I'm asking for with this product is a little staying power. But other than that = DREAM product!


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