Sunday, 3 February 2013

Obama Recognising Same-Sex Marriage

Back in November I wrote a blog post about a little girl called Sophia Bailey-Klugh who famously got a response from US President Barack Obama, after she wrote him a heartfelt letter detailing other children's cruel remarks about her same-sex parents. Obama reaching out to the little girl alone shows the beauty of his reign. Even though he's the most notable man in the world with every pressurizing eye on him, he understands right from wrong and past from future.

When news broke a couple days ago that Obama would be including same-sex couples in the new immigration plan, I headed straight to Twitter to see what the reaction was from the general public, and I was hard pressed to find anything negative. More than once, I saw tweets were people mentioned that they succumbed to crying tears of joy upon hearing the news.

Obama has recognised that same-sex couples have one of the largest inequality views under existing federal law in America on marriage. Presently, favourable view is inevitably given for marriage between a man and a woman. In a heterosexual relationship, if one partner is foreign, obtaining a green card is for the most part, simple. On the other hand, citizenship for same-sex couples is difficult as current laws prevents same-sex couples (even when married) from obtaining a green card.

It is unquestionable why these people on Twitter are crying tears of joy. Being in love is such an intense and passionate emotion, so imagine when you aren't granted the supposedly simple wish of staying in the same country with your life partner. Most significant others end up being separated or they both move abroad. In a country that promotes 'Americanization' in glittering bright lights and the concept of unrivalled freedom, what hope would a LGBT person from say, Sri Lanka have of living their life happily with their same-sex partner, if even America won't support their marriage? Thankfully, the very large existence of gay marriage is broken down and analysed in the view to correct by President Obama and I can't complain.

As in every same-sex debate, there will be views against the succession of Obama's prospects. I refuse to address these representations. Let's not take a step forward and then take ten steps back.


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