Sunday, 9 December 2012

Malala Yousafzai's Attack - She's a Hero

Malala Yousafzai
People like Malala Yousafzai make you wonder why you don't do more for your own country, when you're lucky enough to be freely educated in a country that looks at women and men as equal. Being Pakistani, I understand the difficulty in obtaining a first class education in the country and what more following that through to higher education, especially if you're female. People are scared of raising their voice to change the unfairness associated with women's education in Pakistan. However hope lay in 15 year old Malala who became the country's hero as an outspoken educational and women's rights activist from Pakistan's Swat Valley- an area which was notoriously known to ban girls education by the Taliban. At age 11 she started writing about her right to an education in a blog for the BBC. Quickly she rose to prominence and viewed as an incredible role model through documentaries and interviews.

However, on October 6th Malala was shot in the head in an assassination attempt, which she miraculously survived after being flown to the UK for treatment. Her brave determination has now come to the attention of the entire world. So much so that it is widely believed that she deserves to win the Nobel Peace Prize 2013.

Bonnie Lloyd, a college professor from New York has started a petition to urge Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and former secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to nominate Malala for the honour. Lloyd describes the petition as a 'global movement' which has already been endorsed by the Canadian Prime Minister, UK's 'The Sun' and 150 members of Parliament in France who have signed an appeal to nominate Malala for the prize.

There are over 200,000 signatures on the petition- add yours at


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