Sunday, 23 September 2012

News Journalism Course at London School of Journalism

This past Wednesday I started my evening 'News Journalism' course at 'The London School of Journalism' in Maida Vale. Whereas in previous years I would walk into the room completely uninterested, this time my eyes were wide open and my ears were perked up, engaged in every single word that was uttered. It finally feels good to be learning about something I am genuinely passionate about.

Giuliana Rancic- my ultimate role model
I have no formal qualifications or training in journalism or writing- But ever since I can remember I would be locked away in my room writing mini stories and transforming them into lop-sided badly coloured books. Even as a little one I had a massive and at times questionable imagination. However back then, writing was a hobby and I never thought of it as a career. I started properly writing whilst I was at university, where I went on to become 'Features Editor' for my University's magazine in the final year. Straight after graduating, I was offered plenty of exciting intern work and over the past year I have been busy impressing, running errands and writing about various different topics. Building an online social media presence is very important to me and I have plenty of fun doing that through Twitter and my blog. The only thing I felt that was missing was getting some sort of formal education in journalism. The reasons for attending this course are as follows:

*Learning how to write for different audiences i.e newspapers and magazines
*Gaining familiarity with Vox-pops and gaining confidence to include public opinion in my stories. I would love to be an entertainment host/reporter so this skill is crucial for me.
*Have the confidence to market my blog in alternative ways.
*Until you get a job, work experience/internships are crucial. I would like to keep on emersing myself in new environments to get a whole hearted feel of the media industry. This course will help sharpen my skills and give me the edge over other internship competitors.
*I have pitched entertainment stories to websites and have had my stories picked up before- But I would also like to know how to pitch more serious stories to influential magazines.
*I want to build more contacts
*I want to be more versatile. Sure everyone has a niche, and I have my own tunnel vision for what I want to achieve in the future- but I also want to have my hands in every basket and be more well-rounded.
*I would like to know how to build myself as a brand- Whether it be my own website, my signature style or my own tagline.

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