Sunday, 8 July 2012

A week in Northampton with Photo Corporation UK

A week in Northampton with 'Photo Corporation UK ltd' was a long and enlightening process. Initially it seemed an extensive effort to spend a week away from home to train for a part time job- But then I realised this opportunity was something to get me off my backside. I left the house bright and early at 6am on Monday morning, strolling my suitcase down my eerily silent road to the station. I was on no sleep. That, plus travel didn't make for a comfortable morning.

Once in Northampton, I gathered in the company's head office with a whole host of newbies from studios around England. The training was plentiful and alongside the obvious photography skills, we learnt customer service, sales and acquisition techniques that were held dear to the company's discipline. Ice breaker games were intertwined in dribs and drabs throughout the first few days to make us feel at ease ( I rapidly began running out of facts about myself). Furthermore, surprise tests were thrown our way on what we had learnt, conflicting against my slacking off skills. Even though I hate to admit it, if it weren't for the mini tests, all the important information would have gone through one ear and out the other.

The true characters of the group came to the forefront with their witty charisma and appeal and kept the others going through the long hours. Personally I was an observer. It had been a while since I had been in a 'classroom' type of environment and I have to admit I didn't jump into it feeling instantly connected with everyone. That's probably a bit tough for me to admit, as the whole basis of this job is to be warm and engaging. I also hadn't shared a room with someone in over 4 years so it was an adjustment (my room-mate was absolutely lovely though) If anything I was just slightly intimidated by everyone!

However, I'm glad that I went along. A company that puts that much time and effort into it's employees makes me trust it's work process. We were extremely well looked after and the company paid for our hotel arrangements, taxi's and food (even if we were living off stodgy lunch sandwiches and greasy pub food). Being in the Northamptonshire countryside also brings out more educational qualities about yourself that one can easily neglect. I may have gotten lost on a walk to discover my surroundings on the first day- but that didn't stop me from setting out for walks by myself on the second, third and fourth day on different routes. The reminder of teamwork has also been restored in me once again. I hope that next time if i'm placed in such an environment I can commit to everyone and show them that I'm worth getting to know. On the other hand, I'm glad i'm doing something creative and I can apply it to my journalism work. Bring on my first client :)


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