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Looking Back - A Year Since I Graduated

One of my fave uni pics :)
It was a shocker when I saw graduation pictures popping up on Facebook. The familiar sight of black and purple robes and caps gawked back at me. I'm sorry if I'm sounding sentimental but I can't believe its been a year since I've graduated from the University of Portsmouth. It feels as if time has flown by, but surprisingly I've managed to achieve quite a lot since last year. I remember moving back to good ol' Cheam for good after uni, shrugging my shoulders at my friends quizzical nature about my future plans. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but never thought I could put it into practise. Contrary to my beliefs and dripping in nostalgia, here's what I got up to over the last 12 months:

*Feeling slightly disheartened by the amount of CV's and covering letters I sent out, I was over the moon when 'Asian Woman Magazine' offered me an internship. Saying 'yes' to everything they wanted me to do, a 2 week placement led to a couple of months. I experienced everything from writing, interviewing Abhishek Bachchan and assisting on photo shoots. I also had a cheeky little trip to Essex Fashion Week.
Me with some of the 'Asian Woman' girls

At 'Essex Fashion Week'
*Through Asian Woman, I got to work on a freelance basis as a studio assistant at 'The Models Portal' with Marcus Flemmings. I also got some much needed PR experience when working at 'Mumbai Rouge International', promoting the 'Allah Made Me Funny' comedy tour at the Indig02. I will never forget running a couple of miles through the huge parking lots at the O2 with comedian Mo Amer, to try to get in backstage at the WWE event.

*I interned for a month at .Cent Magazine (which wasn't for me) I appreciated the editors sense of journalism and creative flair. She helped me on a one-to-one basis with my writing work, but I knew the literature and arts content of the publication, wouldn't bode well with my future plans. I do however, appreciate my time there and don't regret it in the slightest. It's having experiences like that, which narrow down your preferences and you can concentrate on what you really enjoy. Tunnel Vision.

*I was also offered a 'guest contributor' position at Young Hollywood USA. This is an ongoing position, and I've had the opportunity to write about various topics in the entertainment field. The highlight of this position was when a PR agent got in contact with me from LA, after seeing my profile on LinkedIn. He wanted me to interview 'DJ Tina T' on her successful camp for aspiring DJ's- 'Camp Spin-Off'. You bet I agreed to do it :)

*I also entered a 'beauty pageant'. The biggest UK qualifier for an international pageant- Miss Universe Great Britain. I surprised myself throughout the whole process and I'm glad I did it. Would I do another one? Probably not. There are a lot of ways to get a confidence boost. I've tried the pageant way. It helped- but my aim in life isn't to be a pageant queen. I'll leave that to the pros.
Competing in Miss.Universe GB

*I covered Pakistan Fashion Week in Kensington, London as a senior dresser and backstage blogger. That was an interesting experience as many may have read in my earlier blog post. If you haven't read about it yet, check it out at

*My previous experiences have led me to finding a part time job in photography as a studio assistant. I love that this job gives me the opportunity to be creative and I can easily apply it to my journo work. My free time is now looking into short courses in journalism/presenting. I also continue to apply for more freelance writing work, paid internships and journalism jobs.  I now know the type of work I want to pursue and I can pinpoint my research well. Along with my entertainment work, I am hoping to get a crime novel published. Research in the US market is also well under way. 'E! News'- I will get there one day !
Backstage at Pak Week

My point is that hard work will pay off. I still haven't reached my destination and I accept that it will probably take some time before I do- But it's the journey to the top which will give you those special memories !


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