Sunday, 17 June 2012

Bubblegum Pink Hair - Love It

I had a mini heart attack and a whirlwind love affair with Demi Lovato's hair when I saw it scraped up into a ponytail with bubblegum pink ends at the X-Factor USA auditions a couple days ago. It further cemented my love for bubblegum dyed hair after witnessing Kate Bosworth sporting a sea of green ends on the cover of Company Magazine a couple of months ago. That was my first 'bubblegum moment'. Well it wasn't. My first bubblegum moment was sitting in the back of a car when I was about 6, driving through Germany and being taught in broken Urdu by my dads' friends' teenage German-Asian daughters how to blow a bubble. I wasn't getting it and it was frustrating- But I kept persisting in my own time until I did. Who knew that years down the line I would associate that memory with my hair.  I kinda want bubblegum green hair too. That would be cool. Maybe the experimentation with the picture below is a bit too much. It's a dirty witchy colour. I do kinda like it, but I wouldn't want to scare people away. Perhaps more like Nickelodeon slimey green tips. Then I can stick it into a ponytail and I can do a Demi and be good to go.
PS. What was your first bubblegum moment?

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