Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Heading to Miss.Universe Great Britain 2012!

So I leave for Miss.Universe Great Britain 2012 tomorrow morning. Rehearsals start Friday and the final is on Saturday night. Other than being ridiculously I stressing ? ... Nervous?....A little anxious? Yup. In a weird way I wonder what I've got myself into. I'm not a model, nor am I a seasoned pageant pro with confidence dripping off me in bucket loads. However, I must say that it's been quite a ride from sitting in a corner by myself at the London castings feeling utterly intimidated by the leggy beauties around me to running around Chelsea trying to find the perfect evening gowns.

At first I was concerned and embarrassed to tell people I was a finalist. I didn't want anyone to question my finalist position. I mean I had wanted to enter the British qualifier for Miss.Universe ever since I was 12. The woman who were crowned Miss.Universe were admirably confident, radiant and elevated spokeswomen. I thought to myself that one day I'll hopefully possess those qualities to compete. The fact that Vibe PR ( the company organising Miss.Universe Great Britain) saw potential in those traits, gave me a reason to question my years of obscurity and self doubts. I was flabbergasted when I opened my acceptance letter and for a short while told only my nearest and dearest. Then one day the monumental bulk of the competition hit me and for a split second I deemed myself an idiot for not blissfully letting the world know. I began telling more people and the incoming response was utterly positive. People were so excited for me and my future. With that new energetic rush of support I joined the gym and started my preparations.

In true pageant style my room is currently an organised mess. Shoes litter one corner. Paperwork in another corner. My make-up is splashed across the desktop. A huge section of my wardrobe is annihilated in dedication to my opening number dress, evening gown, swimsuit and rehearsal outfits. I've never been hugely girlie so it's a bit of a shock to the system to see my room filled to the brink with items. It's weird because that's the one thing I take pride in - my room.....even though my mind is such a chaotic mess, my room is always spotless and clean ( I guess the fact that my mum likes to clean is a bonus). Packing is exciting but I'm scared that I'll forget something at home... although it's assuring to know that I'm not the only one in the same position. In late March we had a pageant training day run by Miss.Universe Great Britain 2011, Chloe Beth-Morgan, where I've engaged in some friendships. I'm particularly good friends with Sophia Wilmot-Josife. We've had some panicked stricken conversations over an early morning 'Joe and the Juice' and late night calls about trains and hotels. However, we're both so proud to be part of such an established competition and wouldn't exchange our experiences for the world. I know that I've learnt so much about myself and the people around me. I know if I want help or if want to tell people things I shouldn't be afraid too. Even my driving instructor this week ended the session with the killer cool sentence...'Good Luck Jabeen. I may see you splashed across the newspapers this time next week'.......I replied with 'I doubt it'. But this time it wasn't my insecurity was my humbleness and modesty speaking.

PS. If you have a spare minute, remember to vote for me by sending 'vote jabeen' to 82085. All phone votes cost £1.00 plus the standard network charge. Lines close at midnight on Friday 4th May. Visit for terms and conditions.

PPS.  Come along to the event. It's being held in Birmingham at Saturday 5th May. £30 per ticket. Under 5s are free. Visit for details.


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