Saturday, 11 February 2012

I've been on a diet for two weeks and all i've lost is two weeks- Totie Fields

I went back to Portsmouth last week....and OMG did i need that ! I don't know why I didn't make time to go back sooner. I took the excuse of work and my future potential career and ran with it. Now that i had some free time, I had the perfect opportunity of visiting. The experience was a bit weird ( in a good way !). I guess I owe the place a lot- I'd like to believe that it's the place i grew up. However, it also was the place where i faced a few home truths and had the worst moments of my life- But hey ho ! Back to the actual trip, it felt like good old times. It was fun hanging out with the golden oldies such as Katherine and Gemma! I think the night went by waaaayyyy to quickly as i was having so much fun. However, the next morning i was sporting a HUGE swollen ankle and a variety of cuts, scrapes and bruises. Typical.

I came straight back home to a studio session with 'The Models Portal'. We shot at a different location in North Acton -Unit 15 (Bit of a mission to find- I'm sure EVERYBODY got insanely lost on arrival). We welcomed a bunch of different faces, from models wanting to start a career to professional models. I say this all the time, but I really do enjoy talking to all of them and finding out their motivation for taking part in a professional photo shoot. There was also a birthday girl, having a somewhat calm time, whilst talking to us about her clubbing birthday plans. I have also finished off writing my next article for Young Hollywood, which should hopefully appear on the website soon!

Another thing which I have been participating in with my friend Niv, is the 'Sexy in the City Bootcamp' sessions at London's Liverpool Street. Its an extremely effective workout consisting of twice a week sessions for half an hour each. Phil Hawksworth and Tim Drummond are the trainers who are of fabulous help ! As much as i don't understand the exercises sometimes (especially that weird bending down crawley thing) they're patient and make the whole atmosphere light-hearted. Banter ! They also support you via emails and online coaching. I definitely recommend it ! They have a whole host of locations in London, so make sure to check it out at :)

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