Friday, 30 December 2011

Bend and Snap- Elle Woods

So, i am officially 22 ! I should feel a bit older, but......nah the immaturity is still there :D I have to say it was a fantastic birthday !! I went to see Legally Blonde- The Musical and was amazed by the hilarity of the show. The casting was brilliant and the performances were endearing! Carley Stenson was absolutely perfect as the pristine blonde, Elle and you couldn't help but root for Emmit, played by Stephen Ashfield. It's made me want to see more shows ! Next on my list is Matilda- The Musical. Come on now, you know Matilda was a massive part of your childhood. I for one was determined to make things move with my eyes!
A great little touch was the Lola's cupcakes we enjoyed in the interval :) Yummmmm
Before the show, we had dinner at Smollensky's where we had an indepth chat about how much everyone had changed since school. Its the truth- me about five years ago??... You wouldnt have even known it was the same person. Attempting to head into the cut-throat world of entertainment, media and journalism was probably the last thing someone would have chosen for me. I'm glad i've come into my own, but i still have a long road ahead of me to get where i want to be. Niv and Laksh have also transformed into amazing confident women, and are really pressing on with their degree/masters commitments with passion and dedication. Im so proud of them ! We continued the chatter at Below Zero, with the most gorgeous delicious cocktails known to man !
Below you can see the gifts that i got for my birthday. Honestly, i feel so spoilt - But this day only comes once a year and every girl has the right to feel spoilt on their birthday ! Cannot wait for 2012, to see what it brings me :)

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