Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Behind the Scenes with Asian Woman Magazine

Tuesday was another shoot day for Asian Woman Magazine. The collection was for gorgeous indianwear, Flair Collections and the location was at the awesome Grange St.Paul's Hotel, with a fantastic bargain of St.Paul's Cathedral as a backdrop. Protesters, strikes and tents were nowhere in sight (okay maybe they were when we went to get lunch) but once inside, it was perfecto !

Marcus Flemmings was indeed the photographer again and he was accompanied by two make-up pros- Aleysha Mawani and Sejal Pandya. We also got to work with two super models, Kavita Dhaliwal and Aman Gill. The day ran without a hitch as we shot in Club 10 in Grange St.Paul's Hotel, before moving up to the Sky Bar on the Rooftop. That was spectacularly beautiful, with the scenery . It was however freezing and every now and then it began raining. The poor models had to get on with it and keep posing through the rain and we eventually got all the shots that we needed.

I have to say that working in this business, the hours are somewhat unpredictable. The rough estimate was for us to finish by 5, but i was heading to the train station nearing 8. However, i really do enjoy what I'm doing. Alongside everything i expected from this job, there is other stuff I'm learning such as lighting, angles, production etc etc. I'm like a sponge at the moment, wanting to get information out of every source possible. I even sit there and chat with the makeup artists about how they got into the industry, their inspirations and goals. I just want to know everything!

I do, however also want to carry on pursuing my writing work in the process, as i don't want it to get sidelined. I have been writing a few rough copies on fashion icons for Asian Woman and continue writing (in a completely different style) for Cent magazine as well. I want to enter more competitions and raise my profile through that arena as well. Every now and then when i get time, i scour the Internet for writing competitions that appeal to me. I don't want to enter any old competition just for the sake of it, or just because they are very well known. I know what i can write about with ease- I have my own niche and i was to pursue it.

In the meantime, i'm a happy bunny with my continuing intern work. Being unpaid is quite difficult and a bit of a struggle. Hopefully i'll get a chance for some paid work soon. I also feel like i'm neglecting friends and make as much time as possible to see them. It starts with heading to Essex this weekend for Jenny's 22nd birthday. I do intend on visiting Portsmouth uni friends in the future aswell !

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