Sunday, 6 November 2011

If i'd observed all the rules, i'd never have got anywhere- Marilyn Monroe

It's been another hectic couple of days- and not in a bad way ! Since my last blog posting, I've attended Essex Fashion Week, helped out at a photo shoot, gained more 'writing' responsibility and secured another internship position !

Essex Fashion week was a lovely surprise outing.The girls at Asian Woman gave me this opportunity a couple days in advance,and i willingly took it. It was also a great way to connect with my old uni friend, Jenny. The show was great fun and it was great seeing local boutique businesses booming and fashion labels from other cities championing Essex as an emerging fashion powerhouse. Male brands such as Thomas Codd London and Brighterman also managed to bring in some showstopping talent, adding something different than glitz and sparkles.

This past Tuesday i got to sample being on location for a photo shoot. The campaign was for a cake company, yet the brief was to be very couture, high fashion -like a seductive 'perfume ad'. The setting was beautiful- a lovely hotel getaway in rural Guildford. The interior was gorgeous-very dramatic and made the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot. I had great fun helping out and working with the Editor and Fashion Co-ordinator of Asian Woman was amazing. It was also fantastic working with the photographer Marcus Flemmings, who has offered me an internship at his studio once a week. So I'm really excited to be starting that too !

I've really been busting out my writing skills as well, especially at 'Cent'. I've had to write articles about artist products, ambiguous film endings and the new collection of RADO watches. It's probably not what i would write about in reality or would want to write about in the future, but the techniques I'm learning is invaluable. It will most definitely help me with my future writing engagements. I do feel like working on 'Cent' magazine is more of a challenge to me, as the style of the magazine is something which is new (in fact quite alien) to me. However, the responsibilities I've been getting working there are put in place to help my career, no matter how intimidating they may be.

I find myself all over the place and in different ends of London during the week. It's tiring and i find the weekend a lovely welcome. However, no matter how much i conform to the tired looking commuters on the train after a long day, i love everything I'm doing at the moment !

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