Friday, 21 October 2011

I don't think it's about entertainment. I think it's about being ourselves- Diane Sawyer

Hello everybody !! I have to admit, I've had a rather busy month ! I started out as an intern at 'Asian Woman Magazine' and from there i have had an incredible time experiencing different mediums of the media industry. So here's a little bit on everything I've done in the past couple of weeks !

When i started at Asian Woman I had on my shy persona, but that didn't last long as the girls that worked there were lovely company and they seemed genuinely interested in what i wanted to do and where i wanted my career to go. I mentioned that i liked the idea of being a writer, but i still enjoyed being able to immerse myself in the creative media industry which at times is reasonably hard to get into. The girls then mentioned that they helped out at Mumbai Rouge PR, once a week. If i was free the next week, i could come along - and i was free ! Mumbai Rouge was currently in the process (and still is) promoting the hugely successful 'Allah Made Me Funny' tour at London's O2 on November 11th this year. I was incredibly excited to help out with the promotion of this tour, as i had heard about this show being sold out two years ago at the London Apollo. I was invited back a couple times to the PR company, to continue helping out with the event.

At the same time, even though my internship at 'Asian Woman' was over, the girls called me back a couple days a week to help out with organizing locations for photo shoots. Boy have i seen some gorgeous places i would like to visit on the Internet, whilst working there ! ! ! Damn, maybe one day :-) During the next month or so is a crucial time for the team to shoot their fashion and beauty stories, to feature in the next issue for Asian Woman and Asian Bride, set for release early next year. So therefore, the process of casting for models began and i was invited along by Asian Woman's fashion coordinator , to be a part of the process !

For me, that was probably the best part of my intern work so far ! Rachael, the fashion coordinator and Marcus, the casting director from 'The Model's Portal', sat there in a room X-Factor style (not as scary as it seems ). There was a seat for me to complete the line up too, but I was only sitting for 50% of my time there, as my duties included welcoming the models, making them wait outside and fill out a form and calming their nerves ! Chatting to the girls was great- they were so nice and friendly with a real interest in pursuing modelling, either as a hobby or as a career. Some even striked up a conversation with me as to how i managed to get my intern work ! Inside the casting room, the girls shone (some more than others) and it was interesting seeing the range of personalities from the quirky to the seriously bizarre :/ ! All in all, i think we found some great girls for the new beauty and fashion shoots. The new publications are going to look amazing !!

Whilst still working for Asian Woman, i decided to take the plunge with other opportunities. I applied for an editorial internship with 'Cent Magazine'- a digital publication. The next day, they emailed me to ask if i could come in for a 'chat'. A couple days later, I left their offices in Bermondsey, London as their new editorial intern for 2 days a week. I've worked there a couple days so far, and although its very different from Asian Woman , i know I'll learn a lot from the job. Its more arts and literature based with an emphasis on 'thinking outside of the box', and i am basically in charge of my section- so I've had to step up to the plate straight away and contribute to the meetings, research people I've never heard about and come up with unique ideas with aspects of technology in it (seeing as IT IS a digital publication). It is daunting, but i think i can do it !

I also decided to take the plunge with my writing. On the Stylist Magazine's website, i saw a competition for aspiring reporters to write a news article about weird and wacky stories from around the world. I wrote one on my homeland, Pakistan. I emailed it to them and on the day of their deadline, i got an email back saying my news story had been selected to feature in their 'Elsewhere' page for their 100th issue, out early November ! Thinking about how millions of commuters everyday will see my entry (no matter how small it is ) is extremely exciting ! This has just egged me on to enter more competitions and really hope for the best !

Just writing about this, i know I'm blessed to have such an incredible welcoming to the industry. The best piece of advice I've got so far is from casting director and managing director of 'The Constant Group'-Marcus Flemmings, is ' now that your in this business, don't stop, keep going !'- And i totally plan too !

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