Friday, 25 March 2011

Go big or go home- Eliza Dushku

If i wrote a book about my sensational escapades in the last couples of months, it would be a bestseller. Without even trying, it would hit all the right points that would turn it into a gripping read, past the dazed hours of bedtimes when your eyes won't quite hit the sack. Not that people really give a shit about my life and the drama it entails, but because of the value i place on each situation followed by the advice i would force myself to take yet miserably fail.

1) The course I've been doing at university has been a struggle. Choosing it three years ago was due to the fact that i had no idea what i wanted to do with my life. Older, wiser and with more time to think, i would have chosen another route to follow. Now, with my annoyingly chosen subject, it would have been wise not to leave all my work to the last minute. Library all nighters is what my life has resulted in nowadays, yet all's fair when you have someone as superb as you to give you company. This company is crucial as prolonged exposure to the library gives you severe effects on your mental well-being. For example, we're giving each other nicknames, talking utter nonsense about whoever we can imagine and the loos turns into a place of worship every 15 minutes. Facebook should also be turned off, but it won't. I will not let myself log out of Facebook in the library. Never

2) Me and the partner in crime Jenny have also had some downright minging men situations. I'm not going to turn all feminist and declare a downright hatred for men because i love men too much. I'm just annoyed at their inability to exert a sense of emotion over any situation that they've gotten involved with us in. It's not hard to think with your heart. I think us girls do that too much, yet boys think with their heads- long term commitment, what about my friends, would i have time for this, will our different interests and beliefs clash and collide, her friends will hate me........WHO GIVES A FUCK ?? Follow your fucking heart and let it fucking be. If not then don't tell us were beautiful and make us feel like a goddess for a day and then run away. Game plan ? Be honest from the very beginning- both ways.

3) When embarrassing moments become a part of your daily life, it's time to worry ! Never think you're the shit and walk like you own it, because take my word for it- there WILL BE the slightly sinister raised patch of ground that will eat you up alive and make you go hurtling down like never before. See someone you don't want to ? Looking up at the sky is still the best option. Spacey shit can be cool if you want it to be. Otherwise you're forced with the worlds most awkward acknowledgement of the other person who you have to greet. When people cross the line, balance it out and cross the line too. Plus, to that slag that randomly shoves you halfway across the dance floor, get all ghetto on her arse !

4) On a more serious note, to the friend who just gave up on life on her major FML day, tell her she deserves better and mean it !! ( I certainly do )- and when you engulf yourself to the deepest pit of your very own FML day, have a comfort in knowing that that very friend will make you feel like the fierceness you deffo are !
Plus when you see some creepy boy disaster hanging with some new chick, get up and show them what they're missing. Also, even with all this drama going around just remember to be a genuinely nice, friendly and giggly person. Contrary to popular belief, drama doesn't attract certain people- it just happens to everyone due to certain situations in your life.

On a final note- i would TOTALLY name this book- 'The Underdogs: take a look at me now' :D

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