Saturday, 5 March 2011

Change your thoughts and you change your world- Theodore Roosevelt

I'm 21 and 'the glass is half full' kind of girl. I made a decision a couple years ago to just go with the natural flow of life and construct my own set of beliefs, admissions and hypothesis about my own well-being. Not without a couple of concealed hiccups along the way, this individual sense of established morality has served me well over the years. I do however, find myself in the firing line sporadically. Comments such as not befriending many Asians or losing my roots or even not wanting to submerge myself in an abiding eminent job have all been quizzically ignited in my presence.

I do answer all the questions and i answer them with ease. However, sometimes i feel like i shouldn't have to explain myself all the time, as mostly I'm counteracted by people who have a misconstrued judgement of their own beliefs. I'm aware there are people out there who are genuinely immersed in their religion, but many are fakers. Fakers are easy to spot in my book and i hate to say it but i spot many. I also hate to say it but it really frustrates me. I've countlessly met people who have had digs at me for my preferred method of entertainment. Days later I've seen those very people soaked in alcohol, hammered to the bone- seething with hypocritical vulgarity. Therefore, it actually devastates me that i get pinpointed sometimes as the 'baddie'.

Peoples unfairness towards me stems from their bias to the situation. Not many people make an effort to get the know me or why i am the way i am. Truth is, since I've been young I've been thrown into the deep end of religion and affiliation. I've read the Qur'an three times- a feat some Muslims haven't even reached one time.Every weekend, when i was still in primary school, me and my older brother would walk 5 miles back and forth to learn how to read it. The man who taught us was extremely scary and terrorized us into perfection. I've been to Pakistan 7 times and lived a life of stripped away materialism. Many a times I've slept on straw beds on rooftops, being waken to a special homeland sunrise. My mother even moved me and my brothers to Dubai for two years, for a safe sense of religious abode. Every month of Ramadan I've been fasting and I've been doing so since i was 8.

These are all points I'm just trying to make.I'm not a preacher and i don't make it my business to be one. I personally think religion should be about moral, values and what kind of person you should be- not what acts you should engage in to create an illusion that you're the perfect citizen. I know i'm a nice person and easy to get along with- and that's all i need to know to be content in myself.

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