Sunday, 23 January 2011

Those people who tell me i'm going to hell while they're going to heaven makes me glad to know that we're going to separate destinations-Martin Terman

In general, the human race is a funny thing. People always try to push limits and boundaries to try and nab attention, whilst others spend their lives neglectfully indulging away amidst the superiority of their own rooms. I've dealt with a whole host of individuals during my stay at university and of course I'm never shy of pointing out my cleverly thought observations.

I believe that being happy is a choice. I've met a lot of people who've been battling depression and being a half partial Psychology student, i understand the whole chemical imbalances and genetic explanations- however for me its all about contexts. Put yourself in a unstrained and easy going environment, happiness is bound to emerge. Certain scents, people, experiences make you a better emotionally adapted individual.

Positive attention is something you have to earn. I get it- sometimes theres a lot of people around, that you never get noticed- so you do the complete opposite and start acting in a way that makes you stick out like a sore thumb. Theres nothing wrong with a bit of genuine humbleness, a good laugh and a little banter- I've always thought these were the modern takes for the 'traditional' fun. However, everyone is different. If being loud is your thing then its probably not wise to expect showering compliments every single time.

I also believe that people should welcome the capacity to change. If i was the same girl i was three years ago, hand on my heart i can guarantee you i would have had the most miserable years of my life- but i took all my past experiences and mistakes and learnt from them. I've learnt what i like and what i don't and I've learnt to be independent. Some people don't do that. My friends and i usually go through old pictures and compare ourselves to the people we've changed into- and I'm positive none of us could be more happier. I think that sometimes people don't give themselves a chance to do that.

I mean those are just my thoughts, but at the end of the day i have to always stress that everyone is different and that's a beautiful thing. I know i like to sit and write and read magazines, whilst my housemate Katherine likes to do her fabulous artwork and dear old Scott likes his tetris and maths chat up lines lol. Whether i like to admit or not- i do learn a lot of new things from them ! :)

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  1. this just appeared on my newsfeed and thought i would have a quick read to add to my what you say is so true Jabeen, hope all is well and no doubt see you about on a drunken night out soon! x

    Rich Stevenson


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