Tuesday, 28 December 2010

In three words i can sum up everything i've learned about life : it goes on- Robert Frost

On Monday December 27th i turned 21! Ive absolutely milked my birthdays in the past so i just wanted a nice little get together with some of my fabulous old friends from high school. I think its so important to keep in touch and its moments like these when we can all come together and have a good natter. With graduation coming up in the next year, most of the questions i faced was what to do with my life. Having my birthday so close to the New Year provides me with a double clean slate to re-evaluate and think about what i want to do in the next year. So with my new found love of lists here is the 5 things i want to accomplish/do/change in the next year.

1) NOT to go straight into a 9-5 after graduation. Worst nightmare ever. I want to keep learning, not academically but creatively.

2) Be a nicer, more humble person :) I don't think I'm a horrible person in the slightest. Theres always room for improvement. I hate awkward silences and making people feel uncomfortable. I may have made people feel like that sometimes, but not on purpose and i really do try 100%

3) Moving on to a more darker side. Watch more scary movies ! Sounds silly and probably is, but i like the idea of getting 'scared'. Might shit my pants at the time, but i like believing in things like that. Give me a video cam and night lights and I'll happily go ghost hunting with the 'Most Haunted' lot.

4) Make plans to travel. I don't want to just keep thinking about it and i may not achieve the trip of my dreams until 2012, but atleast I'll have the foundation set. I love going on family holidays, but i want to do something more exhilarating, challenging and brave.

5) Couple months left of uni ? My mentality- work hard, player harder. I want to have fun, go crazy, make new friends, make mistakes and live those last six months at uni like they're my last six months left on Earth.

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