Sunday, 14 November 2010

The only thing left to do is to forgive and forget...i want to forgive you and i want to forget you- Lauren Conrad

I've always hated reality shows such as Big Brother. People trying to get famous with infuriatingly tiny clothes on and big mouths has never been my preferred choice of entertainment. However, there is another kind of popular reality series that i do prefer to watch. Sitting there watching re-runs of 'The Hills', i can say that while it is definitely true that a lot of people from the show want to be famous, others are simply trying to get their 'foot in the door'.

The series finale, showed a 'fake' Hollywood backdrop being lifted, while Kristin ran to Brody to give him a playful hug, after only minutes before dramatically telling him goodbye. While the realistic credibility may have been lost after this, with letting the audience form their own ending- the people, drama, story lines and careers are all real. People in this show have used the shows success to their advantage ( and maybe disadvantage ! ) to carve their own personal niche for themselves.

For every person in this world, there'll always be a good friend like Lauren giving you words of wisdom. There'll always be the friend you thought would be there till the end, yet there'll always be that drama to push it all away. There'll always be a Justin Bobby who will keep coming back to the same girl and there'll always be an Audrina who will always come running back. There'll always be a Brody, living the dream and breaking the hearts of whoever he meets along the way and there'll always be a Kristin, someone who wont let anything get in their way with their tough exterior. More importantly, there'll always be a 'Speidi'- a deluded set of characters who you'll never understand.

As much as some people can claim to hate this show, it offers little life lessons that everyone can benefit from. Its happened to me on many occasions, seeing my life being played out through someone else on television. The show came to a dramatic end this summer. However, I'm pretty sure that this has welcomed a new wave of 'reality series', most noticeably an insight into Whitney Port's flourishing career in 'The City'. We also have our own homegrown series 'The Only Way is Essex'- this one causes more of a divide between viewers. I wonder why !

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