Monday, 29 November 2010

I am thankful for laughter- except when milk comes out of my nose- Woody Allen

Whilst innocently surfing the net, i came across an absolutely fabulous article written by a low-key author, Debra Lauman. Being initially inspired by a thread in a forum entitled 'What are you thankful for', Lauman set out on a mission to compile a list of 100 things she was thankful for. Reading through the list i couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with the amount of things we have in our life. We constantly moan and complain about everything. Therefore, I'm going to take initiative and make a smaller list of 20 of the things I'm so very thankful for :

1)My parents. Of course. I love them to bits. People don't seem to realise what an incredibly strict upbringing Ive had, but I'm glad. I will always have a good head on my shoulders, due to everything they taught me.

2)My friends. Never a dull moment. Enough said.

3)Living in Dubai for two years. Ive been incredibly lucky to live a completely different life to the one i lived in England. I had never seen a sandstorm in my life. That soon became a daily occurrence.

4)Seeing Wimbledon tennis from my window. Yes for the first ten years of my life i avoided the queues of people in tents down my road, as i had a view from my window. Even though I'm not the biggest tennis fan in the world.

5)Having a pink limo for my 17th. That was pretty exciting.

6)Travelling. My dad runs his own business. When i was younger, we were always thrown on planes to accompany him to his latest destinations. Ive been to Spain 15 times, Germany 4 times, Amsterdam 4 times plus many other destinations.

7) Umbrellas. The life span for mine don't usually last long. I'm the person who stands there soaking wet with my umbrella upside down, looking an utter mess- but for the time period it does survive, it becomes my best friend.

8) Franky's and Bennie's. Best restaurant EVER

9) Treadmills. The sit there looking dark and gloomy, but they save lives- they really do.

10) My contact lenses. Without them i am nearing blindness. I wear glasses in the comforts of my own home. Going out with glasses is a big no-no. I cherish my contact lenses with my life

11) Living away from home. Being at university is the ideal time to learn. Casting my mind back from being a fresh faced fresher on my first day, I've changed so much. In terms of maturity, personality and appearance. Ive grown more into myself. I know my likes and dislikes more. I'm more confident.

12) Having my heart smashed. It hurts like a bitch. Ive been put through so much shit in the past two years. I'm not fazed anymore. I know what to do. It'll still hurt but I'll smile and handle it.

13) Bras. Working at Debenhams, I've realised good support is EVERYTHING.

14) Lady Gaga. Thank you for being a freak. Everybody should embrace their inner freak

15) Tearing my ligaments twice. I missed a good few days off school plus it gave me a few good stories to tell.

16) Going away to America for a month when i was 18. I needed to get away and concentrate on myself more. I will never ever forget the people i met there.

17) The man who gave me a tissue when i was crying on a plane leaving JFK.

18) Having two brothers. Makes you tougher than you think. I adore them

19) Change. I'm thankful for change. Its good to mix it up a bit every now and then. I hate to be boring

20) Being from South London. I look innocent enough, but Ive been raised in a certain way.

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