Saturday, 16 October 2010

I am involved in a freedom ride belonging to a few remaining earthbound stars. All we demanded was our right to twinkle- Marilyn Monroe

The theme for the next issue of Pugwash magazine is inspiration. Perfect. Plus as Features editor, me and my sub-eds are lucky enough to have the broadest topic to cover. Inspirational upbringings, jaw dropping gap years and Pompey's own alumni who've made it big are some topics floating around. I really can't wait to start reading some on the content that comes through.

Inspiration for me is a funny thing really. I never really associated myself with the word 'inspiration' or didn't even try to figure it out. Its just been in the past couple of years, where I've realised that for me inspiration was freedom. My freedom was creativity. Its a funny thing when the thoughts in your brain runs a million miles per hour. I have so much i want to do. Whilst on the computer typing away on this blog, i always look up at my noticeboard and feel inspired. Each image is different, yet represents me in a different way. J'adore

October's issue of Vogue has also proved to be very inspirational. The photography for me was to DIE FOR. The contrasts in the two main spreads was equisite. The environment is so geniusly captured in both editorials. In the first spread, model Iselin Steiro changes up her look dramatically for the Gothic rugged British countryside shot. The brooding aura and stormy backdrop prove to be heartwrenchingly brilliant work by our home grown photographer David Sims.

Photographer Laura Sciacovelli takes a different approach to using the environment in the following spread. A dainty desert breeze of a pictorial plays well with model Anna Jogodzinska's delicate features. The whole experience is something like a 60's American road trip, the type where you're running away from the world to find your own take on freedom. Its absolutely breathtaking. Very inspirational.


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