Saturday, 9 October 2010

'Be faithful to your roots' is the liberal version of 'Stay in your ghetto'- Mason Cooley

When I'm in the four walls of my room, i seem to forget what a rough area i live in. Fratton is not for the faint-hearted. I've lived here for a year before, but then i went home for summer to my little village-Cheam. I seemed to forget about the difficulty of living in a run down area- But in the past three weeks I've been rudely reminded of it.

I remember walking down the road and was approached by a rather daunting looking gang of 12 year old girls. My initial thought was 'great I'm gonna get beaten up and die today'. However, they swung their tight ponytails and told me ( not asked- they TOLD me) to go into the shop and get them alcohol. Internally shaking for my life, i told them i wouldn't. They gave me the dirtiest look that i thought someone of their age range could never be capable of and then looked me up and down and laughed. Just because i opted to wear skinnies instead of a baggy pair of grey trackies that's been in the wash far too many times. I laughed back at them.

Boys of the same age range are worse. 'Oi Matt, give me a fucking ciggy !!'....
'Fuck you Jack. Go home and screw Tess again why don't you!'......Charming. The school boy pre-pubescent screaming went on for ages. Along with that, I've had a guy walk past me, with about a metre separation space between us. He then made a lame effort to turn around, tap me on the shoulder and scream in my face 'you FUCKING CUNT-Get out of my fucking WAYYYY'. I walked off straight away. People coming up to you is a normal occurrence. I vividly remember last year an old woman with long grey hair and makeup down her face approach me and Katherine. She stared at us absolutely stoned and told us something terrible was going to happen that day. The whole day we lived on edge. It was terrible.

Just yesterday i saw a man miraculously jump out from a bush and start climbing a drainpipe to a flat. Ive gotten to the point when I'm just shrugging it off. I'm getting used to it all over again. In no way am I'm influenced by these weirdos. I have my own life and don't really feel the sudden urge to jump up in someones face and bring into question their whole personality and judge them by their appearance. I dunno- maybe that's just me. People in this town are on bloody drugs- i ain't one of them :)

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