Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Any idiot can face a crisis- it's day to day living that can wear you out - Anton Chekhov

My blog has been neglected for far too long and for people who know me- this is just not like me at all ! I guess Ive been rather busy/ stressing out/ totally tired.
Since the last blog posting of me moaning about failing my driving test, i spent a whole 2 days getting over it. After,i did my theory again ( cannot believe i let two years pass! ) and prrraiiise the lord, i passed. I found that pretty impressive as i spent a whole three days cramming from those two dinky DVLA books circa 2008. I refused to invest in a CD, which i had been advised to get by my driving instructor and a near and dear friend. Fuck that shit. The day of the test was another bonkfest of leaving late/ getting lost/ swerving, ducking and diving. My dad has probably got to be the worst driver i have ever met. God knows how he still has his license. Alas, the day came to a great ending ( ignoring the rather annoying 18 year old with the most unsmoothest chat up lines, who thought he could try his luck with me after comparing our scores. They were exactly the same. We were a match made in heaven according to him )

I also had to say my goodbyes to the London lot. I absolutely HATE going away from them and wish we could hang out more, but I'm always home at winter/summer/Easter, when they go away on holidays and stuff. So i don't get to see them as much as a girl needs to. I really do need them. They give me a humble grounding from the banter of Portsmouth. We talk about everything - life/boys/the future. Its simple, chilled out, over a coffee plus no make up. I crave it. I seem to get caught up in uni life so much that i seem to forget about the simpler things in life.

The simpler things in life are miles away from Portsmouth. By the time you get to your third and final year, the feeling of excitement doesn't linger anymore. In fact, this year i was probably quite unenthusiastic about going back. I guess i got used to being at home. I think I'm just over the initial excitement of coming back and mingling and partying. Not that i haven't enjoyed myself being back yet. Been out so much the past week and a half, that I'm currently sitting here exhausted! Its been a blast and i forgot the teeny weeny little fact that 'boyyyy do i know how to have fun or what???'. I never will stop having fun but that doesn't mean I'm a complete party animal. I never want to be known or remembered as a party animal. Sure i hate to be stereotyped as the typical Asian girl, but I'm pretty sure that just by meeting me and getting to know me, that I'm not your average little Asian girl :)

Here's to a brill third year :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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