Sunday, 25 July 2010

Writing is a socially acceptable form of Schizophrenia

Well, uni memories of my second year seems to be moulding into distant memories. I've gotten used to being at home now. For the past month, I've been keeping busy in an array of weddings, family meetings, gym and most notably the graduation of my older brother. I've got another two months at home and with a holiday in the works, I'm sure i will be continuing in having an amazing time before i flee back to Portsmouth for my final year.

I've also been lucky enough to contribute and write for this years 'Pompey Guide', in which i have written not one, but two articles on the shopping prospects in Portsmouth. Keeping myself busy in terms of writing, i have also entered the 'Six Word Story Competition' run by the well renowned Arvon Foundation. Trying to enter a competition which only required six words, was more than a challenge but i finally managed to come up with a perfect story. I find writing an absolute gift for me personally and if other writing competitions come my way, i will definitely enter. Not just for the satisfaction of winning, but for the satisfaction of learning and growing as a writer.

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