Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Love is Blind....Friendship on the other hand tends not to notice

First and foremost this blog entry is dedicated to my beloved Ploy Howell....who always asks me eagerly when I'm writing my next blog..'you have a way with words' as she puts it haha....thanks for the dedication haha love you.

This then inspired me to write a piece on attempting to keep in touch with old friends. I don't know about you but i have been to many different school in my life...and whenever I'm leaving there's always the massive teary eyed fiasco.....old friend -'I'll call you everyday!! I promise!!' - 'you better otherwise I'll freaken come back and stalk you biatcchhh !!'......'haha DEAL....OMFreakinGod I'm going to miss you like crazy. I love you to bits !!!'........True to form, the first excruciating week without your partner in crime does result in a lot of texts and fb stalking to see if some other excuse of a human being has replaced you. However, the endless commenting and liking of your status then distorts to the odd comment every 5months. Throughout my life it's been a vicious cycle, but I've been lucky with my old school...good ol' Sutton High. Every Easter or summer there seems to be some type of a 'catch up'. We all drastically alter our hectic ( or unhectic ) lives to fit in a chat and a good lil giggle with our former peers.

I'm the first one to admit....I'm needy and lovingly put- an attention seeking nuisance of an individual. For me, feeling loved is the ability to recount countless tales with old friends about stupid and annoying things i used to do back in the day. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that other people also remember certain events...and that i wasn't going crazy hallucinating these epic life moments in my cognitive functioning.

I can still sit there and laugh at my times at Sutton High. Especially the time, when i placed a half naked picture of an extremely aggravating Indian actor who held a coke can to his crotch, in the 'pigeon hole' of a deeply religious girl who was ridiculously agitated. I was labelled 'immature'. Harsh. Oh and also the time, when me and my friend convinced a fellow accomplice of ours to take that same girl down to the gym ( that gym should not be called a 'gym'...i don't think a trampoline accounts for much) and convince her she was a lesbian and that she had a crush on her. This turned out to be hilarious, as me and my associates hid in the neighbouring room and trying to unsuccessfully conceal ourselves whilst dissolving into fits of laughter. WOW i sound like a bully...but i can assure you it was all harmless fun and games at the time...and plus that girl didn't seem to have any side effects...i think.

On the other hand, i always love to recount countless tales of our beloved teachers. Mrs. Crouch who proudly announced to my parents at Year 11 parents evening, that i would fail Biology. My ASIAN parents were mortified at the thought of probably the first asian girl in history to ever fail a science exam. I wanted to shove the A down Crouch's throat a couple months later. Also, Mr.Fenlon my best friend who always seemed to catch me talking and no one else. Seriously NO ONE ELSE- just me. Boy that was fun getting told to hush up the average of 5 times in the span of half an hour. From that extreme, to Mrs. Ward...who i never really felt comfortable whenever she was around i never seemed to say anything to her. She thought i was 'painfully shy'.....until that one day when she stared at me in complete shock and horror when she saw me yapping away ferociously to one of my friends. I didn't realise she was watching...

Point is, keep in touch with the oldies !! Sure it's effort, but it's all worth it. Its not all hunky dory though! I always try my best to meet up and stay in touch with everyone...but theres a couple people who've slipped through the cracks. Theres a lot of reasons for that with the most crucial being that people change. I just know that right now I'm currently having the best time with the newest 'crop' of friends at university- But i don't want them to just be can meet anyone on the street, say hi and become friends....i want them to stay my 'partners in crime' FOREVER. There my accessories when i go out and vice versa- and you know what? Its gonna stay that way till Doomsday :)

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