Wednesday, 26 May 2010

80% of your final exam will be based on that one lecture you missed :)

I tend to watch people in disbelief when they pull out a neatly organised calibre of notes from the bag and whine, wail, complain and go through all the stages of a schizophrenic attack to revise for an exam that will not take place for another two months.

I guess there's nothing really wrong with that- can't really argue with people who want to do well. Its just that i have a rather altered viewpoint when it comes to revising for exams. I'm one of those unfortunate few that realises i have an exam to sit the day before or on the actual day. I begin to write notes, but then get sidetracked at the hands of facebook, youtube, food (i cannot even begin to tell you how much of an addict i am to halloumi cheese at the moment) etc. After the immense 2hours of getting sidetracked, i decide to close my computer to avoid any Internet based stimuli that might catch my engrossment. This process then involves holding my notes in my hands, whilst I'm yawning and stretching on my bed in the midst of an unusual daydream (preferably about halloumi cheese).

At that point its wise to give up. The next excruciating morning involves a solid hour of cramming a terms worth of work into my brain, and then on the walk to the exam trying to memorise stuff from my scruffy notes, at the expense of nearly getting killed by cars because I'm not looking :/ o well. To be honest, I've never been one of those people who freaks out over exams. I'm usually calm and content up to the very moment the papers are placed in front of me. Heck i even went out the night before. I don't accept anything-success or failure. I'm neutral.

However, you think revising for the exams is the worst part? Its a completely different story when you get to the exam hall. First, its a complete and utter mission to find your desk. You end up looking like a complete and utter spaz with your neck tilted sideways in the hopes of finding your name. I nearly even came to the conclusion that i was in the wrong exam as it took me forever to find my desk, only to realise that i had wandered off to the straight Psychology side of the room. 'Combined Honours Psychology is on that side' whispered the old lady who had been watching me walk up and down for 5 minutes, shaking her head with pity and a sympathetic smile plastered across her face.

Once you get going, you realise its meant to be silent, but in all do reality its really not. There's a handful of regulars. The person who coughs, usually sitting on the other side of the hall, yet their echos bounce drastically off the walls. Then its the die hard blonde party girl, who seems to have a cold, sniffing away preferably right behind you- great. Then its the guy in the other row, who gave up within the first 5 minutes, with his head collapsed in his hands. I feel for him. Lastly, the person who continuously looks around the room like an idiot - that person tends to be me :) Also, i had the funny feeling that our weird long haired lecturer kept staring at me. Maybe it was just my mind playing cruel tricks on me?

All in all, the first breath of air never tasted so good when i walked out of the stuffy gym hall. I laughed about the exam with my friend, whilst listening in to the multiple choice question disasters from the people behind I went home and slept.

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